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Closeboard vs Panel Fencing

Closeboard and panel fencing can both be used to construct a robust garden boundary. Eventhough panel fencing is often used as a contemporary form of picket fencing it is more often than not associated with more substantial garden boundaries. The main difference between panel and closeboard fencing is that closeboard involves the use of numerous individual featherboards. Panel fencing on the other hand simply involves the use of a single panel between fence posts.

Closeboard Fencing

A closeboard fence is a very secure type of garden boundary. It is a simple construction of vertical posts, horizontal rails (arris rails), gravel boards and featherboards. After the posts are cemented into place, arris rails are fitted via morticing or with arris rail brackets.The featherboards are then fitted to the arris rails. In most closeboard fences the featherboards overlap slightly. Center stump and cleats provide added structural support. Closeboard fencing is by far the most robust form of fencing and also one of the most cost effective to maintain. It is ideal for those of you with security as your prime concern.

Garden Landscaping in Somerset
Garden Landscaping in Somerset
Garden Landscaping in Somerset

Panel Fencing

Panel fencing is as simple as it sounds. Panels and fixed on to fence posts. Panels can be nailed directly onto the fence posts or fitted using panel clips. The construction process is similar to that for closeboard fencing. Posts are erected and secured with cement. The difference now is that rather than arris rails and featherboards a panel is fitted. The panel fits all the way from one post across to another. The main advantage of panel fencing is the decorative nature of the panels. The uniform nature of the featherboards in a closeboard fence does not allow for any type of decoration.

Fences and Planning Permission

For construction of a fence under two metres high planning permission is not usually required. However if your fence is adjacent a road then a limit of 1 meter is placed on its height. There is more advice in the government’s planning portal website. With a large amount of places in Somerset being listed as conservation areas it is important to check with you local authority before asking for an existing fence to be removed. Sometimes planning permission is required.